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ThyssenKrupp Access Is Gone, But HEC Is Still Here To Serve You

In August of 2012, the home elevating industry was saddened at the closure of a longtime manufacturer, ThyssenKrupp Access. TKA not only marketed elevators under its own brand, but also created or acquired several other names that were esteemed in their own right, three of the largest being National Wheel-O-Vator, LEV, and Access Industries. Almost overnight, all these brands became history.

Doubtless, this leaves some questions in the minds of current TKA product owners. Where will parts come from? How can they get service? For answers, you need look no further than Home Elevator Company itself. As a ThyssenKrupp dealer ourselves for many years, we have vast experience with all of their products. Our knowledge and expertise will continue to be available for service on ThyssenKrupp installations, for as long as we ourselves stay around.

Moving forward, we are excited to be the new Kansas dealer for Symmetry Elevating Solutions, one of the premier home elevator brands on the market today. Building upon the past experience of older industry players like TKA, Symmetry is taking home elevating to a new level of quality, ease of use, and technological innovation.

Rest assured, however, that we will never forget TKA customers, nor stop providing tip-top service for every make and model.